Wholesale Water Soluble CBD Powder

Wholesale Water Soluble CBD Powder

Looking for a water soluble CBD product line at Bulk in Low MOQ’s? Whether you are looking for a wholesale, bulk, private label manufacturing of your product, we have the solution for you and ALL IN HOUSE! If your company wants a premier product, then you need Hemp Genix the industry’s premier provider of water soluble bulk CBD.

Purchasing CBD oil on a wholesale basis is not an easy task. There are many things to consider when doing so. In fact, the cost and quality of the oil would depend on the plant it is extracted. Another factor that has a direct impact on the price of the product is the quantity of CBD oil produced by the plant.

Are you currently with a wholesaler with high prices and high minimum orders for Wholesale CBD products or are looking to do a test run and get your own brand going, our  water soluble CBD is the logical choice.  Have CBD oil and need a water soluble powder?  Looking to get started right away? We offer the quickest turnaround times in the industry.

CBD oil is one of the most important oils on earth. In fact, industrial hemp oil is not a drug as most people would think. The THC content in this oil isn’t significant enough to produce any psychotropic effect. Our oils are 100% made in the USA and don’t contain any THC. Many people might come across industrial hemp oil when searching for cannabidiol (CBD) oil to purchase.

Hence, CBD wholesalers need to do their homework and get to know what exactly are their clients searching for. There are numerous fake CBD oil wholesalers in the United States, Canada, and the UK for that matter. More than 90% of wholesalers offer low-quality oils with a purity level between 17-40%.

Why Do You Need To Buy CBD Wholesale From Hemp Genix?

Our prices are quite economical compared to other so-called CBD wholesalers on the market. In fact, most of these people are middlemen or brokers who drive the prices up. That’s why you need to buy from the producer if you want the best oil at an affordable price. A one-stop shop is the best place to purchase your CBD materials, oils, and get them shipped to your doorstep. That way you get a high-quality product at a price you could easily afford. One disadvantage of hemp oil is it hasn’t been extensively tested on humans as yet. Although hemp oil is likely to have health advantages to humans, it is not established properly by the medical fraternity.

You don’t have to visit our shop in person to buy the product. That will help you save time and money in the process. You should extensively research the drug store before buying your products. Remember, there are many scam traders posing off as legitimate drug sellers online.

Since CBD is a natural oil, it is safe to be taken orally. You can easily find your requirement at Hemp Genix. We offer bulk quantities of CBD hemp oil to all our deserving consumers out there. In fact, we are the leading provider of wholesale CBD oil products on the market.

Bulk Water Soluble CBD Inquiries

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