Wholesale MCT Oil vs. Coconut Oil

Wholesale MCT Oil vs. Coconut Oil

When comparing MCT oil with coconut oil, there needs to be a precise definition of each product and its benefits to the human body. MCT oil is a manufactured product while coconut oil is completely natural. The consensus is that medium chain fatty acids, which are present in both coconut oil and MCT oil, are healthy and therefore the more, the better. Therefore it is popularly believed that MCT oils are better for health than coconut oil. However, C12 – lauric acid is totally absent or present in minuscule amounts in MCT oil which has sparked a lot of debate.


MCT (medium chain triglycerides) is also referred to as MCFA (medium chain fatty acids) and are a type of saturated fatty acid with numerous health benefits. MCT oil is manufactured by extracting the oil via a fractionation process. The concentrated form of this oil is marketed as “MCT oil.” “Medium” refers to the length of fatty acids contained in oil which also contains long and short chain fatty acids. MCTs consists of chains varying from 6: 12 carbon chains containing different types of acids:

C6: caprioic acid
C8: caprylic acid
C10: capric acid
C12: lauric acid

The shorter the carbon chain, the faster the fatty acids can be turned into energy by the body.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is an excellent source of MCTs as about 65% of the fatty acids contained in coconut oil are MCTs known to have tremendous health benefits. C12: lauric acid is the most effective medium chain fatty acid found in coconut oil, about 50%, which makes it the richest natural source of lauric acid. While all four MCTs have health benefits, lauric acid is prized worldwide as the most potent antimicrobial agent and is used in nutraceuticals and drugs as well as for food preservation.

Comparing Coconut Oil To MCT Oil

Generally, MCT oils contain only C-6 to C-10 camera fatty acids and no lauric acid. Therefore it cannot be assumed that MCT oil with the longer chain fatty acids removed is a fractionation of coconut oil. Medium chain fatty acids in the camera form have many unique benefits and characteristics, however, they are different than those found in natural coconut oil. MCT oil has recently been marketed as “liquid coconut oil” as MCTs remain liquid at low temperatures when lauric acid has been removed.

Although it is believed that MCT oil could raise energy levels faster than coconut oil, there is little proof to validate this claim. Because MCT oils are chemically manufactured, the ingredients may have been chemically altered with additives such as polyunsaturated fats and may have made use of harsh solvents in the refining process. When choosing to use MCT oil, ensure that the ingredients listed are pure. aThese are aspects that the manufacturer discloses exactly how the oil was produced.